MHE design
& automation

Materials handling &design is the art of transforming efficient on-site product flow and handling, toa disciplined engineering expertise - enabling the optimization of resources to improve productivity quality, safety, traceability and control of materials. Whether manual or fully automated operations, our experience shows that labor availability and dependency coupled with real-estate availability & costs, and the development of technology provides a good return on investment and assets (ROI/ROA). We have been applying innovative solutions in both conventional and highly automated environments

Our areas of expertise include:

-  Master plan design
-  Conceptual design evaluations and business plans
-  Material handling equipment (MHE) detailed design
-  Design management
- Tailored Conventional/Mechanized/Automated solutions for:
    - Manufacturing
    - Distribution centers
    - Warehousing and distribution
    - E-commerce
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- Vehicle load/unload
- Handling units
- Conveyance systems- Conveyors, AGV, LGV
- Sortation systems
- Order picking
- Pick and pack
- Palletize/de- palletize
- Customer fulfilment centers
- Omni –channel centers
- RF, Handheld terminals
- Internet of things (IOT)
- Specifications and bid management:
- Preparing specs for Materials Handling Equipment
- Supplier short listing and bidding (RFI/RFP)
- Supplier evaluation and qualification
- Best choice: Quality, Functionality, Cost
- Technical contract support
- Project management:
- Budget and timeline
- Project Coordination
- On-site supervision: Pre and post Installation and inspection, fit to site, problem solving
- Milestone approval
- Acceptance tests
- Ramp up plan and transition
- Commissioning and handover support Post-implementation support
- Information systems and technology
- Warehouse management systems (WMS)
- Warehouse controls systems (WCS)
- Material Flow Control (MFC)
- Warehouse mobile solutions RF, Voice
- Transport management systems (TMS)Track and trace (bar-code, RFID)


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